Advanced Edge Hockey

By Gary Klapkowski

Get the Edge on Your Competition!

Advanced Edge Hockey is Pittsburgh's Leading Personalized Hockey, Power Skating, and Off Ice Conditioning Instruction.

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Elite High Speed Hockey Training for All Players and Ages.

Hockey Knowledge and Techniques that can be effective at any level.

Hard, Fast, Smart, Simple Hockey is what we teach.

Proper Preparation and Technique Taught at all Ages.

Make Friends and Have Fun while Learning the Game of Hockey.

Intimidate Your Opponent with the Skating and Skills you will Learn at Advanced Edge Hockey.

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About Advanced Edge Hockey

At Advanced Edge Hockey, we teach hard, simple, fast, heads up hockey.  No toe drags or between the legs moves here.  We work on doing the simple things as hard and as fast as you can.  We teach skills that can be used and be effective at any level.  That is why proper form and technique are so important at a young age.  In order to teach something properly in hockey you have to break it down into the pieces that make it a whole movement.  You must be able to do each simple piece correctly before you can do the entire movement.  Doing the simple things perfect in hockey is a hard thing, especially at top speed.  At Advanced Edge we make sure you are doing your skills and skating the right way before we move on to something else.  You are not out there just for a workout, but to learn how to play the game of hockey.. the right way.  At Advanced Edge we make sure of that.

Gary Klapkowski

Gary KlapkowskiFormer E.C.H.L. Player (Pro) - Former C.H.L Player (Pro) - M.A.H.L. All-Star (Pro) - Ontario Hockey League Veteran - Selected 26th overall in O.H.L. Draft - M.W.E.H.L. Scoring Champion (Honeybaked AAA) -  U.P.M.C. Elite Athlete Training Program - Toronto Prospects All-Star Team (Honeybaked AAA) - P.I.H.L. Player of the Year (Serra Catholic High School) - P.I.H.L. Satte Champion (Serra Catholic High School) - Pittsburgh Preadators AAA Head Coach - Former Upper St. Clair Head Varsity Coach.

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