Advanced Edge Hockey

By Gary Klapkowski

Get the Edge on Your Competition!

Advanced Edge Hockey is Pittsburgh's Leading Personalized Hockey, Power Skating, and Off Ice Conditioning Instruction.

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Elite High Speed Hockey Training for All Players and Ages.

Hockey Knowledge and Techniques that can be effective at any level.

Hard, Fast, Smart, Simple Hockey is what we teach.

Proper Preparation and Technique Taught at all Ages.

Make Friends and Have Fun while Learning the Game of Hockey.

Intimidate Your Opponent with the Skating and Skills you will Learn at Advanced Edge Hockey.

Advanced Edge Hockey Advanced Edge Hockey Advanced Edge Hockey Advanced Edge Hockey Advanced Edge Hockey Advanced Edge Hockey Advanced Edge Hockey Advanced Edge Hockey
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- ADM/Mite

- Foundations of skating:

Emphasis on proper stride form and body positioning for a proper stride.  Basic Backwards skating.  Learning how and when to use your edges.  Balance through proper technique. Basic stick handling, passing, and shooting form.

 - Squirt/Pee-Wee:

Emphasis still remains on skating, moving forward with better form and deeper knee bend.  Introducing proper puck positioning when skating.  Learning more detailed moves with the puck and body positioning for puck protection.  Foot work and transitioning becomes more important.  Passing harder and in different situations.

- Bantam/Midget:

At this stage your foundation has been laid and the emphasis goes to top speed skills and skating drills.  Adding smaller details to work on in each skill. Over speed training with and without the puck.  Situational shooting (shooting in different positions, angles and areas of the ice).  Learning how to take body contact with and without the puck.  Faster stick handling with your head up to stay SAFE.  Board work and puck protection is vital.

- Juniors/Pro:

At these levels its all about SPEED.  Emphasis on combining every aspect of the game at top speed.  Working on battling with and without the puck.  Faster starts and stops.  Getting from point A to B and then back again as fast as you can.


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